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The story of Apple:

The main driver behind this technology giant was Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

…and you can read about Apple’s development by reading his story.

Apple Computer

Suffice it to say that Apple is now much more than the computer company that Job’s started. From computers and laptops to smart phones and music players, to tablets of varying sizes and software & apps, to streaming media, digital cameras and computerized watches…

Apple products I products

…Apple has expanded and led the world of technology and dramatically changed the way we live today.

Itunes Apple fitness Apple TV

It wasn’t a straight line up. In the 1990’s the company slumped and needed to be restructured.

Its ads have a cutting-edge reputation too and its customers have been known for their loyalty. In the future, Apple plans forays into solar energy and electric vehicles.

Headquartered on a six-building campus in Cupertino, California, Apple has a global reach with 478 brick and mortar stores (30,000 of Apple’s 43,000 U.S. workers staff Apple stores) and Apple has an online presence in 39 countries.